TREXO Stories

We just finished “Be: The Way of Rest.” At our last meeting each lady shared the greatest impact on them, from going through this book together. One shared that she has never before related to the Holy Spirit and that this has opened a whole new relationship for her with Him. Another said she has never had a father and now she has a Father, this is huge for her. The next said she did not realize how much warfare there was in life; being aware of this has changed her perspective on how she sees things and deals with people and situations differently.


Calvary Community Church - Cypress

Thirty men gathered this fall to listen and learn from Jim Stern. He taught trinitarianism and the “overflow model,” among other things. Men ages 23 – 79 were entranced by what the Spirit was saying through Jim. The Holy Spirit was alive and active on those nights. We were reminded that we are brothers, and that is not something to be taken lightly.

Chris Ferguson

Director of Men’s Ministry
Chapelwood United Methodist Church

I’ve had Jim Stern fill my pulpit on multiple occasions. What I love about Jim’s preaching is that he fully engages the congregation as he explains the practical application of biblical truth. Jim is always one of the first people I call when I need a guest preacher.

Paul Lyle

Summer Creek Baptist Church

What a blessing Jim Stern and TREXO have been to FinD (Fellowship in Discipleship) and to me personally. Jim knows how to bring it hard in the paint. He’s got a supernatural blend between high energy encouragement and bold accountability challenges. His knowledge base and passionate experience around discipleship and Trinitarian intimacy equips him to speak deeply into discipleship ministries, churches, marriages and personal faith journeys.

In addition to his many books (the BE – GO – MAKE trilogy and Brilliant being my favorite), Jim has a gift of speaking to large groups. He was so effective at our 2020 FinD Annual Retreat, that we prayerfully decided to ask him back for a second round at our 2022 FinD Annual Retreat.
Jim also worked with me 1:1 on FinD’s long term strategic vision. He helped me zero in on the core, existing purpose of our ministry, and clearly define its. This provided a much clearer definition internally for our members and externally to prospects, supporters and other influencers.

Clint Harrington

Executive Director


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