Igniting Passion & Purpose

Through advanced Kingdom Training



PERSONAL DISCIPLESHIP is by far the most effective way to love and train Christians who can love and train others

(who can love and train others.)

Imagine your church body/ministry motivated, activated, and mobilized to run the race. We help you build premium personal discipleship training for your church or ministry.

Trinitarian Vitality
Electrified LIFE that organically flows from living in intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Generational Movement

Veteran Christians imparting LIFE to others who will impart LIFE to others until Jesus returns.

After walking with God for 35 years, I thought our two most important priorities, as Christians, were to Love God and Love Others. After meeting with Jim Stern weekly for months, I finally realized how important it is to daily receive the Love of God on a daily basis. This has transformed my walk with God and daily brings me an abundance of peace, love, and joy.

Waters Davis



In our work with churches, ministries, and individuals we regularly find immobilized (powerless) Christians and frustrated leaders, both groups knowing there has to be more to life and ministry. Everyone doing the best they can, confused by the lack of results in light of the amount of effort given. TREXO’s BGM experience can be the difference-maker. BGM is TREXO’s multi-generational path to effective life and ministry in Jesus.

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