Whether you are a church/ministry leader or an individual, we are here to partner with you. Our BGM solutions and resources are built to foster deeper intimacy in the Lord that organically transforms, equips, sends, and multiplies. Our goal is simplicity. If it cannot be easily reproduced, then it is not yet simple enough.


Jim Stern is a frequent and welcomed speaker to churches and organizations. Jim speaks from his heart on topics that give his audience clarity and confidence. Whether he is talking about spiritual warfare, prayer, walking with Jesus, marriage, or discipleship, Jim’s goal is to provide biblically anointed, practical messages that result in clarity, intimacy with God, transformation, and reproduction. Often using several forms of media, Jim articulates God’s word in a way that moves people.


All of the resources we provide through TREXO are field-tested. We are dedicated to providing Biblically based materials that work, that bring about intimacy, wisdom, and transformation. Each one of these is excellent for personal study, small groups, Bible studies, conferences, retreats, and sermon series. For information on conferences and retreats, please email us here.


How does church or ministry leadership know they are successfully fulfilling their Kingdom mission? TREXO Metrics empowers leaders to lead effectively by providing data on the spiritual health and vitality of their members or clients. Measuring spiritual health is critical to ministry effectiveness. TREXO Metrics has crafted proprietary, powerful assessment tools. And we can develop customized assessments based on client-specific mission and language.
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There is no more powerful force than a movement of disciples of Jesus going to make other disciples. This is Jesus’ commission, the will of the Father, and the direction of the Holy Spirit. This is life! Through years of trial and error, prayer and study, we, at TREXO, have learned valuable insights into the art and science of making disciples who make disciples. Our BGM strategy has proven to be effective in producing intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in such a way that those who embrace it can easily disciple others. Through BGM, followers of Jesus learn how to BE His people, GO to reach others, and Make disciples. You will find our methods to be simple, straight-forward, and ready to fit into your ministry efforts. We are blessed to be able to help churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals become more effective in their disciple-making efforts.

We have several consulting options available depending on your needs and ministry structure.

LEADERSHIP Discipleship

We can disciple 3-4 members of your core leadership team for six months, modeling BGM in their lives. At the end of the six months, those 3-4 will be sent to prayerfully take on 3-4 of their own disciples.

Leadership Training

We can train 10-15 of your leadership team in five, two-hour sessions. We can accomplish this in a Friday night/Saturday conference setting, one session every week for five weeks, or another setting that fits your schedule.

Strategy Consulting

We can meet with those responsible for your disciple-making strategy and prayerfully discuss options for your ministry. We can do this by the hour and can meet in person, over the phone, or video conferencing.

"Our relationship with Jim Stern and Trexo began at a single staff development day, and because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the staff, continued on a weekly basis for more than a year. Jim provided strategic corporate guidance to the executive leadership of the ministry as well as pastoral guidance and biblical teaching to the entire staff. Jim’s ability to sift through competing priorities and messages and distill what he has heard and seen into a succinct, logical thought process, filtered through the lens of scripture and the leading of the Holy Spirit, is amazing. The WorkFaith Connection became a stronger organization because God chose to weave Jim Stern and the teachings Trexo offers into the fiber and foundation of our identity as a ministry and our identity as His beloved sons and daughters."

-Sandy Schultz, former CEO of the WorkFaith Connection


Jim Stern is a preacher/teacher extraordinaire…

Jim is anointed by the Holy Spirit to teach the principles of living Jesus’s way by following His footsteps. Jim identifies the “tortured middle” and shows us how the Lord can break us out of it!

-A Trexo Client

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