One night when I was 26, I found myself doing what most 26-year-olds do: Drinking in a bar. Then two questions came into my mind:

“Do you really think this is all there is to life?” and “Am I really having fun?”

What I would later learn was that those questions were coming from the Holy Spirit. My Father was using them to invite me home. Soon thereafter, a co-worker named Brett helped me surrender to Jesus, and it was only then that I began to experience true LIFE.

I got the juice. I received the electricity. The fire lit inside me.

I had no idea how to describe what I had received. All I knew was that I was alive—more than I’d ever been—and everything started to make sense. My healing began. All the life I thought I was enjoying—drinking, women, money, professional status—it was exposed. That life was not LIFE.

Jesus changed everything for me.

Afterwards, my Father led two men—David and Mark—to disciple me. They loved and trained me in how to walk in the “overflow LIFE” of God’s love.

Since then, my Father has helped to expose me to a deep intimacy with Him, with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit. I was moved from the godblob into Trinitarian intimacy

He has indeed changed my path: Seminary, pastor, author, consultant, lover of all peoples—Christians and otherwise—and disciple-maker. All of this—ALL of it—with a goal of awakening people, churches and ministries to Trinitarian LIFE and developing effective multiplication methods.

I live and work to co-labor with the Holy Spirit to build people and pipelines of Trinitarian LIFE. Join me in the overflow!

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“One of the great obstacles in making disciples is a lack of clarity in being a disciple.” – Jim Stern

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