MAKE: Unlock People

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MAKE: Unlock People

My superheroes are a geophysicist and a lawyer

After I gave my life to the Lord at twenty-six, these two men flexed their superhero power by
personally discipling me. So much of who I am was impacted by their love, counsel, and
training. Since then, my passion is to disciple as many people as I can. Along the way, I have
learned valuable truths necessary for anyone to successfully disciple others.
MAKE: Unlock People, the third book in the BE, GO, MAKE trilogy, captures what I have
learned from Scripture and in practice about effective disciple-making. MAKE: will equip you to
joyfully fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission—eternally impacting those with whom you walk.

If you are in Christ, you can be a superhero to many others.

While Jesus had words of LIFE, His disciples wrestled with how to live His teachings. Their
clarity grew in private conversations where they could ask questions and deal with their issues.
Jesus moved from preaching to personally discipling, explaining His words to His followers in a
way that each would understand.

Personal discipleship is the most effective way to unlock people.

Let’s take this journey together, a journey in which you become a skilled maker of disciples.
MAKE: is a practical resource that will prepare you to make an eternal difference in the lives of
those our Father will send you to.


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