Iran, Israel, Donald Trump, and a Barn 

April 18, 2024
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I think the wheels fell off the world a few miles back!  

Israel continues in their war against Hamas. While that rages, on Saturday, April 16th, Iran fired 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles at Israel. Israel’s vaunted Iron Dome, along with help from the United States, United Kingdom, and Jordan, swatted 99% of Iran’s attack.  

Meanwhile, on Monday, April 15th, former President Donald Trump began his criminal trial where he is being accused of falsifying business records to keep alleged stories about his sex life private. The American politic is eagerly watching to see what effect this will have on Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. (Apparently, he still has time to sell Bibles!) 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, April 16th, leaders from fourteen churches and ministries met in a Barn in West Houston at Christ Presbyterian Church. The purpose of the meeting was to consider the condition of the Kingdom of God in the city of Houston. Jesus says in Luke 4:43, “I must preach the Kingdom of God to the other cities also, for I was sent for this purpose.”  

In the Barn were the following churches and ministries and their target demographics… 

  • TREXO Mobilizing churches in disciple-making  

We estimated that in 2023, just these ministries in HOUSTON, impacted 117,450 people. Because of the work of these men and women, 117,000 Houstonians were given access to the restorative love and hope of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Life came from death. Eternal trajectories were changed. Generational bondage was broken.  

Every one of those 117,000 people matter to our Father. Jesus came, suffered, died, and was resurrected to offer salvation, adoption, and LIFE to every single one of them. The Holy Spirit has been wooing, drawing, and inviting each one of them to surrender and be born again.  

Jesus came to establish our Father’s Kingdom on Earth. He came to take back from Satan what Satan took from Adam and Eve. “Let Your Kingdom come,” is not a throw away line in Jesus’s prayer it is a daily missional call to engage on the front lines of reaching, restoring, and sending people.  

99% of us cannot do a thing about the war in Israel but we can sure waste a lot of time wringing our hearts and heads about it.  

99% of us cannot do a flipping thing about Donald Trump and his legal woes and his “injustices” but good night we can waste a lot of time and emotion and friendships over his story.  

I have no worry about the wheels having fallen off the world…that is not my concern. My concern is that wheels have fallen off your faith. That you have been blinded to the Kingdom and the INCREDIBLE amount of NEED there is to reach people ALL around you, wherever you are.  

I MUCH prefer the line of argument that says if you are not engaging in Kingdom-conscious work then you are missing out on all that our Father has for you! You want a stiff spine, a powerful inner confidence, a life you can be proud of regardless of the accomplishments of the others in the room…devote yourself to advancing our Father’s Kingdom. 

That’s the line of argument I prefer.  

But let me use another line. One day you will stand before our Father. You will NOT stand before God in which He is some kind of blob. You will stand before our Father. Jesus will be there. The Holy Spirit as well. Our Father will review your life as His son or daughter. He will consider how you have allowed the Holy Spirit to work in you, to make you more Christ-like, and to send you to advance His Kingdom.  

And what will you have to offer? “I screamed as loud as I could about Donald Trump.” “I watched as much news and listened to as many podcasts as I could.” “I tried to defeat the oppositional political party.” “I took what You gave me and made a comfortable life for myself.” 

I don’t prefer this line of argument because I am not a fan of “guilting” or “shaming” people. But I am a fan of shocking people from slumber. So, if this line does that, then re-read it again and again and again until the Holy Spirit is done waking you! 

While New York and DC are abuzz about Donald Trump, while the world waits to see how Israel will respond to Iran, God our Father is advancing His Kingdom in Houston, and in your city, one person, one step, one issue at a time.  

Life in the OVERFLOW re-orients your understanding of the world, what matters, and your personal mission. Let the Holy Spirit have free reign in you today…and get to work!  

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