The Fork In The Road

July 2, 2021
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Before you gave your life to Jesus, you were separated from God and marked as His enemy. You lived your life the way you wanted, with no regard for God’s plans and desires for you. Your spirit was diseased with sin. Think about a picture of a healthy lung versus a picture of a chain smoker’s lung, but instead of a smoker’s lung, you had a sinner’s spirit. Had you died in that condition, you would have been condemned to eternal torment, apart from your Creator.

At some point, though, you heard about Jesus. Someone shared the gospel with you. You were given a choice to receive Jesus or reject Him. At that fork in the road on the path of your life, you . . . said . . . YES! In the moment you said yes, many things happened:

God our Father wiped away every one of your sins. His record of your life was instantly changed. He had a ledger with your name on it that was continually filling up with your sins against Him, for which He was going to hold you accountable. When you said yes that ledger was erased and replaced with the life of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit moved in. Jesus said in John 3:5 that we must be born by the Spirit. When you said yes, the Holy Spirit took up residence inside of you. He crossed the barrier of who you are to dwell within you.
Your spirit was healed, made alive. When the Holy Spirit moved in, He removed your diseased spirit, and you were born again spiritually. Slow down here and appreciate the miracle. Your diseased spirit was made new again. Can you see the change in you?

You were adopted into the family of God. Until that point, you were not a child of God. In the moment you said yes, you were brought into our Father’s family. Can you see your adoption taking place? You say yes. The Holy Spirit comes in. He makes you alive, and instantly you are welcomed inside your heavenly Father’s family, no longer a stranger, an enemy, or an outsider.

You were rescued. Paul explained in Colossians 1:13–14 that until God “transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins,” we were living in temporal darkness with a one-way ticket to eternal darkness. But then you and I were rescued. Can you see that in the moment you said yes, you accepted the outstretched hand of Jesus, your Rescuer? The use of rescue isn’t a literary device to help us understand some other reality that occurred. No. You were literally rescued by Jesus in that moment!

Every one of these events is an absolute miracle. Every one of them was supernatural. And, if you have given your life to Jesus, every one of them has happened to you!

But what if you’re standing at the fork in the road and haven’t yet said yes? If you are at that place, I ask you to re-read the above list and discover for yourself the benefits of saying yes to Jesus. John 10:10 tells us that Jesus came to give us an abundant life. Isn’t that the kind of life you desire? Abundance, forgiveness, healing, adoption, and rescue await you when you say yes to Jesus.

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