April 28, 2020
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TREXO’s BE: resources provide clarity for the follower of Jesus. In critical areas of the faith, we provide simple recipes that build a framework within which all other areas of faith can be understood and lived.

Confusion is a very effective weapon against one’s ability to experience LIFE in Jesus. Many Christians live frustrated lives, with little confidence, because they do not have clarity in what it means to follow Jesus. They do not understand how to have intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; to fight in the war of life; to live by faith, following our Father’s faithfulness. Consequently, they lack energy and motivation in the Lord that should fuel and electrify their faith.

  • Clarity
  • Simplicity
  • Intimacy
  • Confidence
  • Transformation

“One of the great obstacles in making disciples is a lack of clarity in being a disciple.

-Jim Stern

Jesus spent three and a half years modeling and teaching His followers what it meant to BE: His disciple. They watched Him live, deal with challenges, get rejected, battle enemies, teach, cast out demons, heal the sick, deal with loss, persevere, and suffer. They watched him die and they saw Him resurrected. After this Jesus said to them, “GO: and MAKE: disciples.” Peter, James, John, Andrew, and the others were not confused about what that meant. Their ability and confidence to make disciples came from their clarity in being disciples.  

A method is like a recipe. If one is going to raise up others to bake a fantastic cake, that person needs a recipe. Others need to have a recipe to follow. And that recipe better equips them to make the same quality cake as the original.

TREXO has developed a method of walking with Jesus called The Way of Rest. This is our recipe that equips disciples to live faithfully. We have also developed strategies of reaching the lost, converting them, raising them to maturity, and sending them. We are skilled in training churches, ministries, and individuals who are hungry to effectively be and make disciples. We work with start-ups and established organizations, brand new Christians, and those who have walked with Lord for a long time.


Sharing one’s faith can feel like a daunting task. No one wants to be rejected. No one wants to feel weird in bringing up “religion.” No one wants to feel “stupid” fumbling around with words. Yet, every day we are in a relationship with people who do not know Jesus. Every day there are opportunities to minister in our regular paths of life – the grocery store, restaurants, business meetings, schools, and other activities.

Trexo’s GO: resources provide natural, in the overflow of your BE: clarity, ways of effectively, joyfully sharing the faith. In the same freedom that you recommend other great experiences you have had in life, through GO, you will learn how to recommend your LIFE in Jesus to others. Our goal is to liberate you from fear that paralyzes evangelism.


Consider an area of life where you have distinct clarity and confidence—as a mom, a businessperson, in sports, music, hunting, or other areas. When presented with an opportunity to train someone who is confused in an area where you are clear, you would readily jump at the possibility, without hesitation. You will train “the next generation” with confidence.

Jesus commands us to “make disciples,” to train the next generation. Trexo’s MAKE: resources that give you what you need to have greater confidence in disciple-making. Our goal is for you to co-labor with the Holy Spirit to impart Jesus’s LIFE in others, multiplying disciples, one person, one step, one issue at a time.


Trexo’s multiplication strategy happens when one person experiences LIFE in Jesus with clarity and confidence. Jesus spent three and a half years loving and training His team to BE disciples before He commissioned them to GO and MAKE disciples. BE fuels GO and MAKE…one person at a time.

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